Drama Kidz!

These unique children's drama classes use acting and performance to enhance personal, social, and educational development. By way of role-play, games, improvisations, and teamwork, trained professionals guide students in their creative exploration. The outcome for students of 'Drama Kidz' includes enhanced social skills, self-confidence, speech and language development, problem solving, and general knowledge. Based in Kuala Lumpur, for children from all over the world.



WHEN? : JAN 10 2009

New year and LOTS of new workshops on the syllabus. Whether your Drama Kid wants to improve public speaking, teamwork, self-confidence or simply loves performing, Drama Kidz is ready to rock and roll through 2009. Come on board now!

For enrollment details please contact Esther at Mega Kidz: 03 22829601
For more info on the classes contact me directly (abigail_barragry@yahoo.co.uk; 017-3921606)

See you there!

Congratulations all Campers 2008!

Well done all campers for making such a fantastic Camp Drama 2008. With special classes in acting, rhythm, dance, poetry, and singing, a lot of fun was had by all.

And a SPECIAL congratulations to all who took part in the CAMP ROCK TALENT SHOW! Two students came in the top 5 (Syaura and Liam), and the whole group made it to the final thanks to Edwina and the singing Starlets! Well done all!



You’ve heard of ‘Camp Rock’, well get yourself ready for a brand adventure, for real this time!

Combining games, improvisation, role-play, and teamwork, campers will explore their creative side and build up the confidence to stand in the spotlight!

Each day your camp leader will bring a new set of activities, such as acting out stories created by the campers, and fine-tuning those skills in public speaking and physical expression.

In addition, there will be special classes led by guest artists, such as dance, music and rhythm, and much more!

And finally, not forgetting the final showdown- the chance to enter Mega Kidz’ very own ‘Camp Rock’ talent contest! By the end of their training, Camp Drama kids are sure to steal the show...!

Ages: 6-11 years

Dates: 15,16,17,18 December

Times: 10am-3:30pm*

Place: Mega Kidz, 3rd floor Mid Valley Mega Mall

Cost: Option 1- half course (15,16 Dec), RM260

Option 2- Full course (15,16,17,18) RM480

Price includes:

  • Full supervision throughout the day

  • Special classes led by professional actors, musicians, and arts educators

  • Lunch

  • Watching Performances at the ‘Camp Rock’ talent show at the end of each day (note: Only those completing the full course at Camp Drama will be coached to enter the Camp Rock talent show on Dec 18th)

  • Student Evaluation (full course only), giving parents a useful summary of your child's strengths and areas to work on, with useful suggestions on how to do so.

For information on the camp, or to register your child, contact Abigail:

+6 017 3921606



Parent Testimonials

'This is the 3rd class for my children. They enjoy the class very much and the staff and service are also excellent.'

'Well done and keep it up!'

Ms Habita Tahir………………………………………… ( Norman & Lily’s mum)

'My daughter is participating in Drama Class. The teacher is excellent! Lot’s of fun, Maya say’s. Good with services, always check up in advance if we’re coming.'

'I think in large the concept is great!'

Ms Katarina Beech……………………………………………….. ( Maya’s mum)


Enrolling now!

Drama kidz is now enrolling for its program!
Topics covered will include the environment, science, heroes and villains, family, the theater, and much much more! There are also plans for a performance later in the year, so hop along now to start training, learning, and having fun!

Past Projects

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
What?: Joker's International Day on Global Warming'
Where?: Mega Kidz, Mid-Valley City, Kuala Lumpur
When?: 15th of March 2008

Set up by David Diamond, socio-political activist and creative mind behind Vancouver's 'Headlines Theatre', this world-wide project was carried out in every continent around the globe. Drama Kidz was the sole representative for Malaysia, and one of the only companies involved to run the project for children. Using techniques in theatre as a method for discovery, the project was aimed at raising awareness on what global warming is, how we are causing it, and what can be done to create a change. Each group planned their own session, here is is what Drama Kidz did:

'What is 'Global warming'? An exploration of the cause, effects, and what we can change to make a better future. A workshop for 5-11 year olds involving image theater and forum theatre, based on media reports of global warming.'

The session was run by Nicole Fuchs, a recent and most talented addition to the Drama Kidz team. Having the fortune to talk with David Diamond in person, the session plan was devised in Vancouver and relayed to Nicole for her own creative input and application.

NB: In addition, I would like to thank Debra Tennant of 'Xpose Theatre' in Newcastle, UK, for her contribution towards this session. Xpose is a company practicing theatre in education, working directly with children to create new pieces of theatre dealing with the issues faced when growing up.

For a look at what other countries around the world did, follow the link! www.headlinestheatre.com/2Degrees08/logos.htm


What?: Fairies Christmas Garden Party

Where?: Mid Valley City, Centre Court stage
When?: Two days over Christmas 2007
A live on-stage party for 5-11 year olds, hosted by myself (Abigail Barragry) as the 'Fairy Queen'.

Including games, drama activities, dancing, stories, and a special appearance from the Fairy Dancers and Santa Clause. Press coverage of event and a wide audience looking down from every level of Mid-Valley!

Main sponsors: Mega Kidz, Mid Valley City
Hair and Make-up: A Cut Above; Mac


What?: Mega Kidz Christmas Party

When?: 22nd Dec 2007
Where?: Mega Kidz, Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur

Party extravaganza, including a drama session run by 'Drama Kidz', based on the theme of 'Fairy Tales'. All of the children were in fancy dress, with our regular Drama Kidz members looking great (not to be bias!)! After the fancy dress parade, myself and the other judges had a hard time in deciding on the winners, luckily we had prepared around 30 prizes!

This day was also my birthday, thanks again for the cake Grace!